Vogue Brazil May 2018 : Alessandra Ambrosio by Rafael Pavarotti

Alessandra Ambrosio Celebrates 20 Years of Modeling With a Lackluster Vogue Brazil Cover

It’s official: Vogue Brazil has lost its luster. We’ve witnessed the publication’s steady decline ever since that horrifying Paris Jackson cover in January, with subsequent issues showing no signs of improvement. This month, the team had the perfect opportunity to redeem themselves with Alessandra Ambrosio’s 20-year modeling anniversary celebration and eighth cover for the magazine. Sadly, the questionable cover, shot by Rafael Pavarotti, fails to feature the Brazilian bombshell in the best light as she’s shot on location in South Korea right after the Louis Vuitton show.

Vogue Brazil May 2018 : Alessandra Ambrosio by Rafael Pavarotti

Our forum members definitely weren’t into it. “They forgot how to work this year. Please God, take Silvia Rogar away. This woman is lost. This magazine is lost. This looks like Glamour not Vogue,” said caioherrero upon checking out the cover.

“Unless there’s another cover, they have really done her wrong,” tigerrouge voiced.

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CATO couldn’t believe her eyes either, commenting, “This must be a joke!”

“This cover defines ATROCIOUS in every sense. How could a fashion editor approve such a disaster and still keep her job?” asked pamela.

“I love Ale, always will. She’s celebrating 20 years as in the modeling industry — and whether she’s your particular taste of model, there’s no denying that she has had a tremendously successful career that most models could only ever dream of. She deserved better than this to celebrate that milestone,” wrote happycanadian.

Marsnoop2 felt the same way, writing, “What an awful way to celebrate her 20-year career! This is Alessandra’s fifteenth Vogue cover and honestly it’s the worst one I’ve seen. What the hell happened to this team?”

What actually did happen? We need answers Vogue Brazil. Share your own thoughts with us here.


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